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5 Secrets to a Lead Generating Website

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5 Secrets to a Lead Generating Website

Your website needs to be as good as (or better than) your best salesperson! 

Why?  Because your potential prospects will come to your website and decide whether to pursue more information, or contact you, based on what they find there.

To get the most from your website, remember:

  1. A professional appearance is important and encourages your reader to look further but it’s your content that is going to make the prospect decide to contact you or move on to one of your competitors.
  2. Your website should be written from your customer’s perspective – what the prospect is going to get out of working with your company.  Very few sentences should start with your company name or the words “we” or “our”.  Switch those sentences around so they can start with “You”.  

For example: “You will increase the effectiveness of your website and your overall profitability by following the suggestions provided by B2B Marketing Consultants”.  This will get a more positive reaction from your prospects than “B2B Marketing Consultants will help you increase the effectiveness of your website and your overall profitability.” 

Once you’ve told your prospects what they will get out of reading further then they are more likely to keep reading!  

  1. Pictures of your products and services are important.  

For businesses that create a product, pictures help the prospect relate their needs to your products or services.  You want to put pictures on your website that will make your prospects say “Hey, that’s almost exactly what I’m looking for!  I need to call them.” 

For service businesses, pictures can relate how you will serve them and will help break up text. 

Many companies like to put a big picture of their facility on their home page.  Don’t.  It doesn’t show what you do or why the prospect would be interested.  Put that picture of your facility on the “About Us” page to prove you are an established company once the prospect’s interest has been piqued and they are ready to research further. 

  1. Keep information short and sweet.  Short paragraphs and short pages work best.  Use bullets, lists, bold, Titles, etc. – it not only breaks up the text but most people will scan these items first and decide whether to read the rest of the text or not. 
  2. Make navigation simple.  Simple to quickly find exactly what the prospect is looking for and simple to get back to something they’ve already seen. 

You will increase the effectiveness of your website and ultimately your business if you apply these 5 “secrets” to your company website!  Good luck!

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