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Extraordinary Resources to Help You Grow Your Business

As a business owner your focus is on growing your business and profitability. As a marketing professional, my focus is there as well. Certain resources have been of extraordinary help to me and my clients over the years and today I’m sharing them with you so you and your business can benefit from them also!

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The Benefits of Developing Your Marketing Plan

“You know that all other organization and company planning is driven by the marketing plan. Nothing happens until a customer hears from you. Nothing happens until something is sold.” Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days

How Will You Benefit from Developing and Following Your Own Marketing Plan?

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Using Marketing for More Effective Recruiting

Business is starting to pick up. Money is becoming more available. Optimism is growing. Companies are starting to hire. Or at least trying to hire. . . In some industries we’ve come full circle to “pre-recession” times when jobs are available but there aren’t enough qualified people […]

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Why B2B Customers Buy

The better you understand, and meet, the needs and desires of your customers and prospects, the more profitable you’ll become and the stronger your business will grow!

Since we’re all about business growth and increased profitability, please allow me to share with you the 4 Basic Reasons a B2B Customer Buys a product or service*:

To Increase Their Revenue
To Increase Their Profitability
To Make Their Job Easier
To Make Themselves Look Good

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Which Do I Need – Strategic Marketing, Tactical Marketing, Or Sales?

As a business owner you will probably need them all but implementing them in the right order will help keep your costs down and your revenues up!

Strategic Marketing = the ‘strategic plan’ for your marketing initiatives

Strategic marketing helps you figure out:

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5 Tips to Improve Your Current Marketing

You will significantly improve your revenue and profitability by implementing these 5 simple marketing tips!

1) Your Website

Does your home page talk about you or your customer?

If front and center on your website’s home page you explain all the benefits your customer gets by choosing your company for whatever product or service you sell – Congratulations! You’re doing great!

If, however, your home page talks about your company – what you do, what your building looks like, or has many sentences that start with words like “We”, “Our”, or “XYZ Company does” then there is room for improvement.

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Have Your ‘Big’ Customers Put Your Company “At Risk”?

Do you have 1 or 2 ‘big’ customers? Customers you are proud to talk about? Customers that bring in a lot of your revenue &/or profitability?

Have you ever thought that those same customers could be putting your company at risk?

The risk comes in if those 1 or 2 ‘big’ customers make up a significant portion of your revenue, or more importantly, profitability.

What is a “significant portion”? To answer that – think about this: What would happen to your business & employees & cash flow if you should lose one or more of those ‘big’ customers tomorrow? No notice – just gone.

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Why Should Your Prospects Buy from YOU??

Why should your prospects buy from your company rather than your competitor? Can you and your salespeople clearly and effectively answer that question?

Take the challenge: answer it yourself – “Why should our prospects buy from us rather than Our Main Competitor?”

Was your response quick? Clear? Definitive? Something you could support with facts and figures?

Now try it out on your salespeople. Try it – just stop one in the hallway and ask.

Are you happy with their answer? If you were the prospect evaluating your company vs. your competitor’s would it be enough to swing the advantage towards you or was it sort of wishy-washy?

If you received a good answer, Congratulations! I’m sure it’s paying off in increased profitability. If you weren’t thrilled with the response then your prospects probably aren’t either. You are leaving money on the table that could be in your bottom line!

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Do Your Customers’ Opinions Matter? How You Benefit from Customer Surveys!

Does your company operate based on what your customers value or what your executives value?  Most businesses operate on what their owners / executives value.  Why is that?  Because that is what they know best.  Whether you are a business owner or not, people instinctively believe that […]

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Increase Profits by Targeting Markets

When you start targeting your marketing and sales efforts to specific markets you will find that the sales cycle gets easier, your profitability starts to rise, and you have happier customers and thus employees.

Your target market will be unique to your business. It will be unique to your company’s particular offerings and the ways you provide value to your customers. Will your target market be similar to your competitors’? In a lot of ways, yes, but what makes your customers come to you rather than your competitor will make your target market unique.

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