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What is a “Target Market”?

Target Market:

1) Those companies that are most likely to buy from you, that ultimately end up generating the highest overall profitability per customer, and that you enjoy serving.

2) Those prospects to which you should direct your marketing and sales efforts.

Why would you want a Target Market? Because It Will Make You More Profitable! Without identified target markets it’s just a numbers game. . .

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What Matters Most for a “Business Card” Website

A “business card” website is one designed to support other sales efforts.  It is typically used when companies have actual customer-facing salespeople.  For more information, please see my blog entry titled “How Important is Your Website?” A “Business Card” website supports the sales effort in a variety of ways:  […]

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How Important is Your Website?

Unless you only plan to do business with friends and family, having a professional website for your business is extremely important.  Not sure?  Just think about your own life.  When someone talks about something you know very little about but sounds interesting, where do you go?  To look it […]

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Can You Really Afford NOT to Do Marketing?

It’s been a tough couple of years – we all know it – the economic downturn has affected us all in one form or another.  For many companies that means they have cut back to only the ‘essentials’.  The question is, did the ‘essentials’ they choose leave […]

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Want to Grow Your Business? Take the Easier Route!

A lot of companies are trying to enter new markets in order to find new customers to boost their profitability.  Great idea!  However there are some ways that are easier than others. . . Many times companies go ‘whole hog’ into their initiatives – going after a different […]

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