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7 Quick, Interesting, Useful Reads

Below please find the links to several recent articles that I think you will find both interesting and useful. Enjoy!

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5 Secrets to a Lead Generating Website

Apply these 5 secrets to improve the quantity and quality of leads you get from your website!

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5 Tips to Improve Your Current Marketing

You will significantly improve your revenue and profitability by implementing these 5 simple marketing tips!

1) Your Website

Does your home page talk about you or your customer?

If front and center on your website’s home page you explain all the benefits your customer gets by choosing your company for whatever product or service you sell – Congratulations! You’re doing great!

If, however, your home page talks about your company – what you do, what your building looks like, or has many sentences that start with words like “We”, “Our”, or “XYZ Company does” then there is room for improvement.

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What Matters Most for a “Business Card” Website

A “business card” website is one designed to support other sales efforts.  It is typically used when companies have actual customer-facing salespeople.  For more information, please see my blog entry titled “How Important is Your Website?” A “Business Card” website supports the sales effort in a variety of ways:  […]

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How Important is Your Website?

Unless you only plan to do business with friends and family, having a professional website for your business is extremely important.  Not sure?  Just think about your own life.  When someone talks about something you know very little about but sounds interesting, where do you go?  To look it […]

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