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If You Love to Learn, This Post is for You

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If You Love to Learn, This Post is for You

Has summer reenergized you for a strong wrap up to 2013?  Starting to think about what you want to accomplish in 2014?  Below are some articles and learning opportunities to help you reach your goals!                      


As I was looking at material for this post I found Coursera – a website where you can take a wide range of college courses for Free!  Some that caught my attention:

Creativity, Innovation, and Change – offered by Penn State

Foundations of Business Strategy – offered by University of Virginia (I signed up for this one to see what they could add to my Aileron training!)

New Models of Business in Society – offered by University of Virginia

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence – offered by Case Western Reserve University (another I’m interested in)

Many More!


Culture Code:  Building a Company YOU Love (LinkedIn) – the SlideShare is worth your time!

6 Ways to Put the “Good” in Goodbye (LinkedIn) – How the way you treat employees who are leaving affects the culture of employees who are staying.

7 Things Really Persuasive People Do (Inc.)

Careful!  These 25 Quotes Might Inspire You (LinkedIn) – NOTE:  the quotes offered by the Commenters at the end are also a great read!

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