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Please Reply: Who Would YOU Recommend?

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Please Reply: Who Would YOU Recommend?

That’s right – I’m looking for YOUR input!  Then, in next month’s newsletter, I will publish everyone’s recommendations for the benefit of all. 

What companies / service professionals would / do you recommend? 

Is there a company that your company buys from and is extremely pleased with? 

Is there a company / service provider that you use in your personal life that you would recommend to others? 

Please take a minute and Send Me ( the company name, the Ohio city they are located in, and a couple of sentences telling us why you think they are great.  Next month I will publish everyone’s recommendations. 

In this age of too much information it’s hard to know what to believe out of all the sales and marketing material that is being delivered to us every day (and that’s coming from a marketing person!). 

Most people will at least consider the recommendation given by a respected person in their network or an industry peer who is willing to associate their name (& indirectly – their reputation) with a company – a company that they are proud to recommend because they know you will be pleased. 

Do you use referrals?  When you have a product or service to buy, do you ask your trusted peers, employees, and/or friends who they would suggest? 

According to the Harvard Business Review article “Why Customer Referrals Can Drive Stunning Profits” (June, 2011), “customers obtained through referrals are both more loyal and more valuable than other customers.”

If recommendations and referrals are so useful, what are you doing in your business to benefit from them?

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with a couple of growing companies who nonchalantly replied to my question of “how are you getting new customers now?” with “we get most of them through referrals.”  WOW!  That’s fantastic!  In that brief statement you’ve told me that you provide an excellent experience for your customers – so much so that they are willing to stake a portion of their reputation on you by recommending you to people in their network.  That’s something to celebrate with fireworks – not brush away like a grain of salt. 

So, if your customers are willing to recommend you (& I hope they are – if not, your first focus should be to look at quality and operational issues), how can you take more control of that process than to just be grateful when someone does recommend you?  In general, it’s by working to get those recommendations in forms that you can use as part of your outbound sales and marketing efforts e.g.:

  • referral letters
  • quotes you can use in your marketing communications &/or on your website
  • videos of customer interviews
  • individual recommendations on LinkedIn, etc. 

B2C companies have even more choices with Facebook and other social media sites. 

More information on how you can make customer recommendations work for your company, as well as a complete list of the recommendations you and your peers send in, will be in the March 26, 2013 edition of Strategic Marketing Tips.  Watch for it!

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