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Which Do I Need – Strategic Marketing, Tactical Marketing, Or Sales?

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Which Do I Need – Strategic Marketing, Tactical Marketing, Or Sales?

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As a business owner you will probably need them all but implementing them in the right order will help keep your costs down and your revenues up!

Strategic Marketing = the ‘strategic plan’ for your marketing initiatives

Strategic marketing helps you figure out:

  • exactly what your prospects / customers / markets need or want
  • which prospects / markets you should be targeting and why
  • what unique values your company brings to the marketplace
  • what strengths your company has that will support your goals
  • what weaknesses you need to work on
  • what your competitors are doing and how you compare

It’s the “big picture.”

Strategic marketing includes the thoughts, research, and discussions that help you determine what you “should” be doing before you actually do it.


Tactical Marketing = the marketing you can see and touch


When people think of marketing they normally think of tactical marketing – websites, brochures, magazine articles, pay-per-click ads, public relations, trade shows, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, etc.


Sales = person-to-person interactions


When one person / company attempts to fulfill the needs of another for a fee.



Just by reading the definitions above you have probably already figured out why order is important.


Many business owners start with Tactical Marketing or Sales because that is what they are familiar with. The problem with that is then you have a web developer or graphic designer or salesperson asking you “what should I say?” “who should I be saying it to?” “what matters to the clients or prospects?” If you haven’t figured out the answers to those questions you are suddenly in a position where you have invested money and aren’t getting much back for it because the salesperson doesn’t know who he should be calling on or what he should say and the marketing person is left to create some sort of generic message for you so they can launch the website, print the brochure, or whatever you asked them to do. 

You will maximize your revenue and profitability if you first tackle the Strategic Marketing questions above. And, don’t be fooled into believing the “easy” answers – “we’re lower priced”, “our people are better”, “we’re the only ones out there”, etc. – you can’t sustain a business by always being the lowest priced, your people are good but they are probably not measurably better than your competitors’ people, and if you’re the only one out there and there is a market need then your competition will be rushing to take that business away from you. Take the time to really understand what combination of offerings, business processes, and people have caused you to win the customers you have now so you will know where to go find some more! 

When you truly understand the unique value your company is providing, which prospects will be most receptive to your offerings, and how to reach those prospects, you will be ready to launch that tactical marketing initiative or hire that new salesperson! 

B2B Marketing Consultants specializes in helping business owners find the answers to these Strategic Marketing questions and then using those answers to create Tactical Marketing tools that help you exceed your revenue and profitability goals!

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