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Why Should Your Prospects Buy from YOU??

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Why Should Your Prospects Buy from YOU??

Why should your prospects buy from your company rather than your competitor?  Can you and your salespeople clearly and effectively answer that question?

Take the challenge:  answer it yourself – “Why should our prospects buy from us rather than Our Main Competitor?” 

Was your response Quick? Clear? Definitive?  Something you could support with facts and figures?

Now try it out on your salespeople.  Try it – just stop one in the hallway and ask. 

Are you happy with their answer?  If you were the prospect evaluating your company vs. your competitor’s would it be enough to swing the advantage towards you or was it sort of wishy-washy? 

If you received a good answer, Congratulations!  I’m sure it’s paying off in increased profitability.  If you weren’t thrilled with the response then your prospects probably aren’t either.  If this is the case, you are leaving money on the table that could be in your bottom line! 

I was recently at a trade show and asked many of the salespeople who were staffing the booths this very question.  I was surprised how many were clearly stumped but not surprised at their improvised answers – ‘our quality is better’, ‘we have better people’.  I wanted to ask, “Do you really?”

If your key customer-facing employees are still struggling with the answer, how do you think your prospects are feeling?  The answer to this question should be quick and automatic for all your employees but especially for your prospect-facing and customer-facing people.  The answer is your company’s ‘competitive advantage’ or ‘unique selling proposition’ or ‘value proposition’ – what makes your company special in the marketplace. 

When prospects shop, they are looking for each potential supplier’s value proposition. 

They want to understand why one company is ‘better’ than another to fulfill their particular needs. 

If you understand your value proposition and promote it in your marketing literature, on your website, in your sales presentations, and through all your employees, then the market will know it too (assuming you deliver on it and it’s not just words or what you plan to be in the future!).  It’s important. 

If a company hasn’t taken the time to truly analyze and understand what unique value(s) they bring to their target markets then they will typically fall back on the standards – better quality, better people, lower prices.  But honestly, everyone can’t have better quality – someone has to be at the top and bottom of that scale.  People are extremely important but are your people truly ‘better’ than all your competitors’ people?  And everyone knows the results of a price war – lower profitability for everyone.  In reality, every company needs good quality, good employees, and market-bearing prices to even exist – they’re the foundation, not the differentiators. 

Your unique value proposition could come from many different places or a combination of places. 

For a product-based organization:  Ask yourself: In what way(s) is our product different/better than our competitor’s comparable product?  What kind of prospect would really value that product difference?

For a service-based organization:  Ask: How do we deliver service differently/better than our competitors?  Would certain kinds of companies appreciate the way we do it over how our competitors do it? 

For all organizations:  Look at all the administrative-type functions that help make up the entire customer experience for key differentiators. 

  • Can you truly deliver faster?  If so, what kinds of customers would measurably benefit from that? 
  • Are you open longer hours making you more convenient for your customers? 
  • Where are you located?  Does your location save them shipping expense? 
  • What are your payment terms?  Are there a group of customers that would really appreciate your terms over what your competitors’ offer? 
  • Can they place orders or service requests through your website?  If so, what kinds of customers would value that convenience? 

Really dig into the details of your entire company offering – sometimes what may seem like a minor detail to you really provides a measurable return for your customer when looked at from their perspective.  

Remember to get perspectives from both inside and outside your company: 

  • Ask your customers (see Do Your Customers’ Opinions Matter? How You Benefit from Customer Surveys! for more information)
  • Have an executive (not a salesperson) follow up on lost bids to understand why they chose your competitor over you
  • Have a brainstorming session with all your customer-facing employees (including those that support the customer after the sale)
  • Dig, dig, dig until you’ve figured it out! 

Note:  Your value proposition may be different for each of your target markets. 

Once you understand what makes your company unique, you need to communicate it again, and again, and again to your salespeople and all your employees so they can clearly articulate it whenever they are called upon to explain why someone should buy from you rather than your competitor. 

B2B Marketing Consultants would be happy to work with your team to help determine your value proposition / competitive advantages.  Knowing and communicating your unique value proposition will result in a higher return on the money you invest in sales and marketing.  Call Us Today to set up a free 1-hour meeting to discuss your particular situation. 

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