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Are You Scattered or Focused? A Shotgun or a Rifle?

Do you understand which prospects are likely to become good, profitable customers and which ones won’t?

Do you know specifically why your customers choose to buy from you and know other prospects to approach who would probably buy from you for the same reasons? (This is beyond the market requirements of quality, delivery, and price.)

Finding the answers to the important questions – like those above – is what strategic marketing is all about.

The benefits of identifying the target BEFORE pointing the gun:

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7 Quick, Interesting, Useful Reads

Below please find the links to several recent articles that I think you will find both interesting and useful. Enjoy!

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What Value Do You Bring Your Customers?

The good news is . . . if you have paying customers, you are providing value.  Knowing the value your company brings and which markets / industries / prospects will immediately understand that value, will allow you to target your sales and marketing efforts to those prospects […]

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