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Strategic Marketing

Applying Strategic Marketing to Your Company Will:

  • Increase your ongoing revenue and profitability
  • Improve your sales close rate
  • Increase your profitability per customer
  • Get you more (& better!) leads from your website and other marketing efforts
  • Diversify your customer base
  • Earn you higher customer satisfaction ratings

Strategic Marketing = the ‘Strategic Plan’ for Your Marketing Initiatives

Strategic marketing helps you figure out:

  • Exactly what your prospects / customers / markets need or want
  • Which prospects / markets you should be targeting and why
  • What unique values your company brings to the marketplace
  • What strengths your company has that will support your goals
  • What weaknesses you need to work on
  • What your competitors are doing and how you compare

It’s the “big picture”.

Strategic marketing includes the thoughts, research, and discussions that help you determine what you “should” be doing before you actually do it.

Debbie Wanamaker is focused on delivering maximum value. She sees the business from the customer’s point of view and asks the “tough” questions necessary to alter “internal thinking”.

– Jason Wooley, Former Vice President, Process Equipment Company

Improve Your Company’s Revenue and Profitability

B2B Marketing Consultants will work with you to improve your company’s revenue and profitability and enhance your overall business strategy by:

  • Identifying which companies and markets will be most profitable for you – generating a higher return per customer
  • Determining why these targeted prospects would benefit more by buying from you than from your competition – after all, where they get the biggest return from their purchase is where they are going to buy!
  • Clarifying your company’s unique value and competitive differentiators from the customers’ / markets’ perspective – for use in sales calls and presentations as well as marketing materials
  • Building a sales & marketing plan that lays out how you can most cost effectively reach your  targeted prospects with your value proposition
  • Ensuring your operational structure will support the new plan
  • Implementing the plan!

To discuss if this would be the right fit for your company’s needs, please Contact Us today!

The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day.

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