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Are You Scattered or Focused? A Shotgun or a Rifle?

Do you understand which prospects are likely to become good, profitable customers and which ones won’t?

Do you know specifically why your customers choose to buy from you and know other prospects to approach who would probably buy from you for the same reasons? (This is beyond the market requirements of quality, delivery, and price.)

Finding the answers to the important questions – like those above – is what strategic marketing is all about.

The benefits of identifying the target BEFORE pointing the gun:

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If You Love to Learn, This Post is for You

Has summer reenergized you for a strong wrap up to 2013? Starting to think about what you want to accomplish in 2014? Below are some articles and learning opportunities to help you reach your goals!

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7 Quick, Interesting, Useful Reads

Below please find the links to several recent articles that I think you will find both interesting and useful. Enjoy!

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The Easiest Route to Grow Your Business

When you are looking to grow your business, use this chart to guide you through the easiest, most profitable route.

A business’ easiest sale is to sell current products or services to current customers (Box #1). Think about all the different departments and functions within your customers’ organizations – are there still opportunities there that you could explore?

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Very Profitable * Likely to Recommend You * Great to Work with = Your Target Markets

Wouldn’t you love to have a whole database full of customers like this? Customers who generate good profitability, are nice to work with, who value what you provide for them, and who recommend you to their peers?

Identifying the companies that would meet these criteria for your particular business is what it means to find your “target market”.

Targeting markets means consciously deciding on which doors you knock in order to get the greatest return for your sales and marketing investment.

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Part 2 – Who Would Recommend YOU?

This month we’re going to talk about how you can use recommendations to help YOUR business.

As discussed in last month’s article, most people will at least consider the recommendations given by a respected person in their network or an industry peer who is willing to associate their name with a company.

Do you have people who recommend YOUR company? If you do, do you consider it a “bonus” or do you take an active role in the process?

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Please Reply: Who Would YOU Recommend?

Most people will at least consider the recommendation given by a respected person in their network or an industry peer who is willing to associate their name (& indirectly – their reputation) with a company – a company that they are proud to recommend because they know you will be pleased.

Do you use referrals? When you have a product or service to buy, do you ask your trusted peers, employees, and/or friends who they would suggest?

According to the Harvard Business Review article “Why Customer Referrals Can Drive Stunning Profits” (June, 2011), “customers obtained through referrals are both more loyal and more valuable than other customers.”

If recommendations and referrals are so useful, what are you doing in your business to benefit from them?

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What Value Do You Bring Your Customers?

The good news is . . . if you have paying customers, you are providing value.  Knowing the value your company brings and which markets / industries / prospects will immediately understand that value, will allow you to target your sales and marketing efforts to those prospects […]

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Would You Ever “Fire” a Customer?

Companies aren’t allowed to fire customers – customers are only allowed to fire companies. Wrong!

When you’re beyond the immediate worries of entrepreneurial cash flow, you can start to focus on profitability, enjoying the work you do, and enjoying the customers you work with – luckily these three things happen together when you have the right customers.

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Build Your Reputation. . . with Information!

Everyone knows that you have to keep in contact with your customers and prospects.  You want to be seen as the “expert” and be “top of mind” when they need your product or service.  But how do you do that without becoming irritating to them?  By providing […]

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